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The high technology product GPS tracker can be helpful on one hand as it can be used to help definite the location of something or somebody such as the little pet or the children whose parents always worrying that their child will get lost outside. Yes for such kind of using the GPS trackers are helpful. But on the opposite side, more and more people now have the suffering experience of being tracked and kept an eye on by the GPS trackers. So what they need is a device that can prevent the GPS tracker from working – GPS Jammers.

However the GPS trackers is not just of only one frequency bands there are 5 GPS signal frequency bands in total, they are GPSL1(1500-1600MHz), GPSL2(1220-1230MHz), GPSL3(1200-1210MHz), GPSL4(1250-1280MHz), and GPSL5(1170-1180MHz).  And there are different types of GPS blocker, as GPS jamming devices are portable or desktop style devices that can work to stop a GPS tracking device from receiving the signal and by using GPS jammers the operator of the GPS tracking device can’t pick up their position. GPS signal jammers can emit their own signal at the frequency that GPS tracking devices use, which confuses or blocks other GPS signals.

When choosing the GPS signal jammers, you need to make clear which frequency bands of GPS signal that you want to cut off, and then you can choose and pick up the right one. And as there are handheld, mini, desktop, and high power GPS jammer for sale, or the ones that only designed for car using. It is also necessary for you to choose one that can meet your details take the above factors into account.