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Professional 345MHz 868MHz Remote Control Jammer

Posted on 2nd Feb 2016 @ 9:00 AM

To block 345MHz 868MHz signal ,we would like to recommend the one, “High Power RF Signal 345MHZ 868mhz Remote Control Jammer with Tabletop Style”,professional RF signal jammer.Tabletop style design not portable,because it needs to be supplied with a high power,otherwise it could not emit a powerful jamming radio and wide range.

High Power RF Signal 345MHz 868MHz Remote Control Jammer with Tabletop Style

Remote control electronic products ordered by controllers -- if they have the same frequencies they will be obeyed to the controllers even not the owner,and not the same brand.How to make your TV or air-condition keep far from other guys control,or even some other big heavy or important devices?You need a RF signal jammer help to solve the problem.For example,you have a store,customers can enjoy TV programs ,have meal ,drink beer inside.There is a football game in 10 minutes later,and you have chosen the channel in advance.But some guys like a beauty contest rather than the football game...They may switch TV channel by remote controller...

If you don’t like to make that happen,you can make the RF signal jammer work before they got the controller of TV ,air-condition and so on.The device will emit radio to block the controller,signal receiver can’t get the feedback signals and start next active -- remote controllers disabled.

For the 345MHz 868MHz Remote Control Jammer,it is professional in jamming those signals RF1 345MHZ 10-15watt,RF2 868MHz 10-15 Watt.Mentioned in before,it is 25Watt output power so there is an up to 80 meters jamming range.Within the protection range of the RF signal jammer,you are free from the 345MHz 868MHz signals.