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Wireless Bug Camera Jammer ,Anti - cheating on Examination

Posted on 29th Jan 2016 @ 10:08 AM

In the past year ,many examinees were found cheat on examinations.With police’s investigation,more cheating tools found.Although they come with different appearances,they have the same working principle of wireless bug cameras.So we recommend the Adjustable 7W Powerful All Wireless Bug Camera Jammer & WiFi GPS Blocker,used inside of examination halls.

Adjustable 7W Powerful All Wireless Bug Camera Jammer & WiFi GPS Blocker

Prevent cheating tools by manual works are not enough now ,you will never know and identify what you see really are:pen?That is a mini scanner.Eraser?No,it is a signal receiver,and other types of wireless spy bug cameras,such as glasses,watches.Some others are even in ultra mini sizes!Spy earphone has a rice body,really hard to find it out when it hides behind ear;bone conduction headphone,know the receiving answer by vibration when tooth bit the headphone;some crazy guys implanted signal receiver into scalp...All of these break rules and fair seriously -- should be punished.

For the wireless bug camera jammer,it helps to solve the problem after humans could not check out all cheating tools.Within its up to 40 meters’ jamming range,all wireless bug cameras what work via 1.0G/1.1G:980-1100MHz,1.2G:1100-1200MHz,1.3G:1200 -1360MHz,2.4G:2400 - 2500MHz will be blocked.Communication of signal senders and receivers blocked and then they can’t transfer test questions and answers...Besides,the signal jammer can jam WiFi and GPS signal as well (GPSL1:1500-1600MHz),to avoid any possibility.

Of course,with the development of cheating skills and technology,the device should be catch up with that -- it did in fact.