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Super Mini Handheld WiFi Jammer

Posted on 22nd Jan 2016 @ 9:49 AM

This is the most smallest handheld WiFi jammer with rechargeable Li-battery and built-in antenna.Super mini size of the gadget -- so easily to take it with when we are out of doors.

Built in Antenna Mini Handheld WiFi Jammer

The WiFI jammer works two hours after full charger,so it has car charger and home charger for charging indoor and outdoor.If OK,you may prepare a mobile power for the gadget to make it last for a longer time.

The WiFi jammer has a disguised character -- it looks like an unknown product,there is no word onside to introduce what the device do ,dose not mention about WiFi signal.Just simply to mark ON and OFF to turn it on and off.A little bigger than a car remote controller,designed for your pocket,of course it is smaller than your wallet -- secret way to protect your mobile device keep safe from unknown ,unsafe and unclear WiFi resource.

WiFi 2.4G 2400-2500MHz,the radio frequency is the only one target of it.Bluetooth ,wireless 2.4G spy audio video cameras,wireless lan card and other products that work via the frequency also be jammed by the professional signal jammer.With helps of the device,you can adapt the way to protect your safety,keep a clear signal environment,eliminate noisy and pollute of WiFi.

Very cheap price of US$79.99,you may get the super mini size WiFi jammer.Of course,you also be provided a good quality and service.