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Portable WiFi + Bluetooth + Video Audio Jammer

Posted on 19th Jan 2016 @ 9:50 AM

The video audio jammer can help us to protect commercial secrets in business meetings,from wireless spy cameras.

Multifunctional Handheld Wifi Bluetooth Wireless Video Audio Jammer

We profit from the developing of science and technology,they give us convenient and comfortable life but they also bring us some trouble at the same time.For example,at the beginning,wireless spy cameras were used for intelligence information,used in a small scale due to the less knowledge and expensive cost.But today,the product is not so expensive any more ,and people know it well ,larger using scale in general .

When you had some private activities,you may hard to feel easily -- you may doubt someone has taken all your voice and action by some spy equipment.That is not impossible,someone might do that before you found it out.Image that ,you are negotiating with some business partner,then he take a spy camera into the meeting room and transfer all current information to others,even your competitors...That is why you feel unsafe and have to take a video audio jammer with.

If some guys take wireless spy cameras into your meeting room or your house and your car ,but you can’t find out the bugs,don’t worry,the  video audio jamme can solve well.It will jam the connection between the signal sender and receiver of wireless spy camera,video recorded can’t be transferred.Besides,the device also can jam mobile phones ,WIFI and Bluetooth.It is a multipurpose video audio jamme.But,it is not for wired spy cameras and some come without signal sender and receiver (such as mobile phones’ camera).

Look at the title ,we know the device is good at jamming WiFi and Bluetooth signals as well,promise those wireless spy equipment that work via 1.0G 895 -1000 MHZ,1.2G 1195-1300MHZ,2.4G 2395-2500MHZ blocked within its covering range.