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No Spy Camera :Portable Wireless Video Audio Jammer

Posted on 5th Jan 2016 @ 10:02 AM

To refuse and say NO to spy cameras,we need helps of wireless video audio jammer.For keeping business secrets within meeting with your clients,what you do and what you say should not be let out -- but you can't promise everyone around you in the meeting has no spy camera in hand privately...You may need a professional signal jammer solves the problem.The portable one or some other stationary style are both OK,but if you have a big meeting room,maybe you need a lager power,stationary jammer.Maximum jamming range is 20 meters -- I mean you can choose one after calculating well.But if you are in need for other situations,such as in hotel room,dressing room,you’d better take the portable one.

Handheld Style Powerful Bluetooth Wireless Video Audio Jammer

The wireless audio video jammer can jam all spy cameras which work via 1.0G 980MHZ-1100MHz ,1.2G 1100MHZ-1200MHz,1.3 1240-1360MHz,and WiFi 2.4G 2400MHz-2500MHz.Note that ,the signal jammer jams wireless spy cameras that work via above frequencies only,can not jam wired spy camera and in other frequency channels.Most of spy cameras are designed in wireless,due to reduce the rate of discovered.So when you are in a room (owned by others ),you should pay attention to those hidden cameras, camcorders.

It is nothing serious if you take the portable wireless audio video jammer with.Charge it and make it work,working ways and principle of spy cameras will be broken and disabled to work anymore --save time in checking ,but you are protected well indeed.