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310MHz 315MHz 390MHz 433MHz Remote Control Jammer

Posted on 29th Dec 2015 @ 9:38 AM

The plug and play remote control jammer helps us in jamming radio frequencies of 310MHz 315MHz 390MHz 433MHz.We mentioned before,almost of remote control jammer can help cops to open cars' of suspects and without causing any notice.Besides,remote control jammer can help to jam drones as well.

4 Band High Power 310MHz 315MHz 390MHz 433MHz Remote Control Jammer 50 Meters Radius

Topic of “Terrorist activities” is a big world-wide problem,and becomes more serious -- a not to be neglected threat.Terrorists got many new evil ways to harm the public -- drones were a device for playing and aerial photos before,but now...Terrorist tie explosive to drones and make it fly to the targets and then detonate...So we have to be careful of drones,to check what is being tied or carried on.

But there is a cruel fact,peoples are hardly to get rid of those drones,yes,speed limits.To avoiding drones that carry explosive we need a remote control jammer.The jammer we are recommending now is for almost of radio frequencies 310MHz 315MHz 390MHz 433MHz.

Drones works by using radio waves to operate,working principle are similar with WiFI and GPS.Remote control jammer emits radio frequency waves that prevent devices within its range from establishing and maintaining connections.Drones will be out of control they will never obey to the owner until the jamming signal off.Do them fly and attack the public at random ?No worries,drones were designed to have a system of automatic flying back if they lost orders.So when drones fly to us ,we just need to make the remote jammer work -- they drones return to where there they came from.