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Waterproof Wireless Software Controlled Prison Jammer

Posted on 15th Dec 2015 @ 9:29 AM

The signal jammer is designed for prisons,waterproof,lockable metal outer casing and wireless software controlled (if you will fix it on a high wall ).

Wireless Software Controlled Mobile Phone Jammer with Waterproof Function

We know,inmates in prisons always have ideas and ways to get mobile phones -- although they are always to be educated and even ordered to give up mobile phones -- forbidden of course.So the officials have to take some direct and strong measures to forbid unauthorized call appearing.Mobile phone blockers are used for that as the devices is “the educated and strong” measure.

The prison jammer has a firm metal outer casing for fixed on high wall,as you supposed,the device should be much higher than a human so that can avoid destroying from inmates.Another character is ,the metal outer casing is lockable -- keys are held in hands of administrator.Keys owner can turn on or off ,switch frequencies,adjust power of every channel by it’s wireless software ,they don’t have to climb up and do that manually ...From the other side,the outer casing is waterproof in rain and snow when it work outdoor.

The waterproof prison jammer is for mobile phones ,those signal bandwidth :CDMA(851MHz-894MHz),GSM(925MHz-960MHz),DCS(1805MHz-1880MHz),PCS(1930MHz-1990MHz),3G(2110MHz-2185MHz).Shielding radius is from 200 to 500meters (base on back ground signal strength <=-75 dBm),Jamming signals are fulled of every corners of prisons.Frankly speaking,if you wanna a really good jamming effecting,you’d better calculate area of prisons,and install some smaller signal jammer in those corners where there are far away from the high power waterproof signal jammer.

Please refer to the product page for the real shot picture of how the prison jammer installed on wall.