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Reasons of You Need a Portable Wireless Video and WiFi Signal Jammer

Posted on 8th Dec 2015 @ 9:47 AM

If you are a tenant or need to travel a lot, you’d better to take one portable wireless video signal jammer. You know wireless pinhole cameras are everywhere,guys just need to spend a little money to get one -- that is why a growing number of private videos are published online.

Multi-bands Powerful Wireless Video and WiFi Signal Jammer

A news of last moth -- four girls rented a house from a 50 years old man...  One day, a girl found there maybe a camera hide behind the light of center of the bathroom.. To confirm what is the strange thing,the fours girls took actions to get the thing,yes,it is a camera.Cops came and research who was the guy that installed the pinhole camera...At last ,they found all of these were done by the house owner,he had a happy family,wife,son and daughter-in-law,but he just wanted to do that -- to be a peeper via a wireless pinhole camera.

You see,your it is not safe in your bathroom,how about the room of hotel?It is so likely that wireless pinhole cameras were installed in hotel bedroom and bathroom.So ,that is the most important reason why you need a portable wireless video signal jammer.When you check in a hotel and want to do take a bath,please take the portable wireless video signal jammer with you ,turn it on make it work before washing.It can help you to block all wireless pinhole cameras in dark,you may wash safely.Covering range of the device is up to 20 meter,,that is wide enough for a room.And, the built-in battery can stand for about 90 minutes ,it is also enough for you.So you don’t have to check out all cameras one by one...

And the video signal jammer can block wifi signal as well,if you don’t like wifi at the same time ,just make it disable .To avoid wireless pinhole camera,the wireless video signal jammer will help.