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China Military Parade II Vehicles for State Guests

Posted on 4th Dec 2015 @ 9:51 AM

In the past parade,people focused on showing formations,there was around 12,000 Chinese troops in 50 formations,including 11 infantry phalanxes,27 vehicle and equipment formation,10 aviation echelons and two motorized formations of veterans of the war against japan.Besides,vehicles for state guests -- states’ leaders were driven to the Southern Square from hotels to met the couple of president.What brands vehicles were there?Beijing Foton.As vehicles for states guests ,vehicles of Foton took all tasks of reception.

80W Portable High Power Wireless Anti-explosion Jammer

From the angle of safety,we need to think about roadside bombs when the vehicles went through.Due to the route has been divulged,one or more shotpoints are waiting for their coming.Terrorists might press the remote control of explosive when cars approached.We never allow that happens.So we must prepare for anti-explosion equipment in advance,we can fix the wireless anti-explosion jammer in trunk before driving and keep it working during the whole route.Working area of the anti-explosion is up to 180 meters,shotpoints in the area can’t bomb ,because remote control of exploder was broken.Explosive order is sent to the receiver of controllers ,but controllers can’t receive the orders as there was jamming signal around the car and route.That is how the wireless anti-explosion jammer works.By the way ,although the wireless anti-explosion signal blocker seems in a heavy weight,trolley case design ,we can pull or push easily.And the case is shockproof.There is an intelligent operation refrigerating system in the wireless anti-explosion jammer to keep it’s normal temperature.

This is a simple but effective way to protect vehicles for states guests from wireless roadside bombs during the parade.