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Customized Waterproof Signal Jammer

Posted on 1st Dec 2015 @ 10:30 AM

Also be a heavy duty signal jammer ,weight 27kg ,200 or 250 Watt output power.An important thing is ,this is a customized available signal jammer,you will get one that was depended on your requirements.

Waterproof 250W High Power OEM Jammer with Omni-directional Antennas

You may tell us what you want it to do,then you will be suggested detail frequencies.For the signal jammer,here are the working frequencies of the device that you may choose :-CDMA 800: 850 to 894MHz;-GSM 900: 925 to 960MHz;-DCS1800: 1,805 to 1,880MHz;-PCS1900: 1,920 to 1,990MHz(PCS);-3G:2110to 2,170MHz  -Wi-Fi: 2,400 to 2,500MHz;-GPSL1:1570-1580MHz;-4GLTE: 700-800MHz;-4GWIMAX: 2620-2690MHz;-CDMA450: 450-470MHz.You may choose four or five frequencies of above.

Look at the appearance ,there are different buttons for controlling and switching CDMA ,DCS,2.4G,OSM and 3G.For example,if you wanna jam 3G cell phone but allow others,you may turn on the 3G button and keep others closed.And ,if WIFI makes you feel annoying,you may turn on the button of 2.4G as well.Obviously,if you keep none signal around the signal jammer,ok,turn on all of button.There are external Omni-directional antennas or directional panel antennas,all the TX frequency covered down link only.The maximum covering range is 300 meters,of course,it depends.So it is a heavy duty signal jammer to be fixed in a wide area,such as ,gas station,military,prisons,church,hospital,school classroom,motorcade,and dangerous material store.

Besides,outer casing of the signal jammer has a waterproof character--when it works outside and rain,no worries.But that doesn’t mean we can put it in water and make it work ,you know ,it is not real “waterproof” so that can work and live normally in water.