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Applications of A Powerful Phone Jammer

Posted on 24th Nov 2015 @ 11:45 AM

What can a powerful phone jammer do ,any applications ?

Adjustable Powerful Desktop 2G 3G 4G Phone Jammer Up to 100 Meters with High Output

As a high output powerful phone jammer, the one JFC-021-0110 ,with a high ability to jam to block 2G: CDMA 851-894 MHz,GSM 925 -960 MHz,DCS /PCS 1805 -1990 MHz;3G :2110 -2170 MHz ;4G :725 -770 MHz; 4G:2345-2400 MHz or 2620 -2690 MHz.That includes almost of cell phones ,the growing 4G phones ,former 3G phones and lasting long of 2G phones...An other hand to show the phone jammer’s “powerful” is covering range ,up to 100 meters -- also depends on the current environment,targets’ distance and obstructions.Cell phones within the zone will be jammed by the phone jammer.

So ,where the phone jammer can used in?Those places that need to forbid cell phone signals absolutely.Gas station ,we know cell phones calls are not welcomed there,especially in the moment of gas passing through pipeline from storage to vehicles. Yes,we know phone signals may cause -- bombing...A series of molecular movement theory ,spark and detonating .As well in the stores or carrier vehicles explosion materials ,there are the same theories.

And for keeping quite in some public places.Such as in movie theaters,other audiences will be interrupted by some guys’ phone calls.So it is better to keep all phones’ loudspeakers mute during the time.

In prison,the phone jammer can help prison guards to deal with those prisoners who took cell phones in secretly.We know that prisoners in limited or disallowed to use cell phones,they may do something to break up the rules.And in schools,in examination hall or normal teaching classrooms,students are forbidden to pass answers or text messages ,chatting,searching on line.With the help of the device,administrators can solve those problems simply and easily.

You know ,there are still other applications of the phone jammer, much more than these.