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Wireless Video Signal Jammer in Public Places

Posted on 17th Nov 2015 @ 9:45 AM

Due to the increasing of hidden camera in public places (dressing rooms,hotel rooms,washing rooms,meeting rooms or meeting rooms),owners or administrators shall have taken some measures to prevent customers and passengers’ privacy from the little evil devices.Portable wireless video signal jammer is designed for personal client ,and that is enough for protecting,but not for public.So we recommend a stationary ,powerful signal jammer to jam wireless hidden cameras in thus places.

Powerful Tabletop WiFi Bluetooth Wireless Video Signal Jammer

Wireless hidden cameras that work via 1200 MHZ -1300 MHz will be blocked by the device.Jamming ranks from 1 to 2o meters (the cellular signal must be lower or equal -85 dBm in the location),and the jamming radius still be depended on the strength signal in given areas.And,there are two antennas for different frequencies,WiFi / Bluetooth ,Wireless hidden cameras.Yes,the wireless video signal jammer can block WiFi (2400 MHz -2500 MHz) and Bluetooth signals as well.So one antenna is for adjusting WIFI and Bluetooth,and another for jamming wireless hidden cameras.

Why we shall install wireless video signal jammer in public places ?Some bad guys like to capture others' photos and process then upload to website for high click rate,or for racketeering.They have too much chance to hid hidden cameras in those places.So we'd better to stop the evil things to happen to public.If signal jammer is installed ,it will block the currently connection of cameras and signal receiver,and not allow the new connections.Yes,just like the working principle of cell phone jammers,all signal jammers seems to have a same ways to jam their targets,to well finish their works.

To make sure the clean and safety of public places,avoid hidden cameras,wireless video signal jammer is really a good measure for doing so.