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A New Policy to Recreational Drones - Remote Control Jammer

Posted on 10th Nov 2015 @ 10:15 AM

A new policy to recreational drones was announced last month by American federal regulators :recreational drone operators will be required to register their aircraft.Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx told why the new policy is needed, “There can be no accountability if the person breaking the rule can’t be identified”.The task force are required to create guidelines before the end of the month.The measure will manage and standard recreational drones in a great extent,but,don’t forget our remote control jammer -- the professional tool for jamming drones...We will introduce a powerful stationary remote signal jammer,it is able to jam drones,WiFi ,GPS signals,and 433MHz 315MHz remote control signals.

Desktop Adjustable Quadcopters Drone WiFi GPS Remote Control Signal Jammer

Policy of registering is about investigating and holding accountable after accidents but not for before.”registration will help make sure that operators know the rules and remain accountable to the public for flying their unmanned aircraft responsibly.When they don’t fly safely,they’ll know there will be consequences”,said by FAA Administrator Michael Huerta.

Drones have a larger quantity users and hobbyists,those newcomers ignored the rules and put aircraft in the national airspace at risk.The situation must be ruled.If we don’t wanna a drone fly around us -- it may drop (that is not impossible),and we hate the noisy, worry there is a camera or GPS fixed inside...A remote control jammer will help us to deal with all the problems.Like Wi-Fi, drones use radio waves to operate, as well as GPS signals. A signal jammer can emit radio frequency waves that prevent devices within its range from establishing and maintaining connections. After the drones signals jammed by remote control jammer,it will fly to return to the previous given flight path.Drones won't fly without directions and attack ,the remote control just want to tell it ,the place is under my protection,you can not access without my permission -- go away!