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Wireless Video & WiFi Signal Jammer

Posted on 6th Nov 2015 @ 10:17 AM

The signal jammer helps us to prevent from wireless hidden video and unknown WiFi source.Wireless video ranges from 980MHz to 1200MHz, and WiFi 2400Mhz -2500Mhz are the jamming targets of the signal jammer.

Multi-bands Powerful Wireless Video and WiFi Signal Jammer

It is not difficult to know why we need a signal jammer to protect us from wireless video -- the small evil devices hide in those sensitive public space...A wireless video comes with an unnoticed appearance ,it can transfer videos what it takes at the same time.Working time is about 5 hours and even more ,after full charging,keeps in charging and it can keep in working.Signal receiving port and sending port can distance up to 100 meters ,and very clearly video quality.Some even comes with mic-phone and night vision.That is so terrible,as the sample we mentioned before,some guys filch your debit cards’ passwords in banks’ ATM.Or some guys mount the wireless pinhole cameras in hotels’ bedrooms ,bathrooms and toilets.

Although there are some policies have been made to standard wireless video ,but it can not work completely,we need a technological measure to assist policies.Yes,we are meaning signal jammers.There are kinds of signal jammers, for jamming cell phones,walkie talkie radios,GPS,WiFi and wireless video.The portable device can block hidden cameras and wifi source at the same time,to avoid some capture videos uploaded to website via WiFi.

Only 300g weight is this signal jammer,we can carry to anywhere we go,it provides us up to 20meters’ safe area.If you need more powerful and multifunctional models base on wireless video signal jammer,please make an inquiry or visit here :http://www.jammerfromchina.com/categories/Wireless_Video%7B47%7DAudio_Jammers/