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Thieves' New Tool ? No Worries,Signal Jammer Will Help

Posted on 4th Nov 2015 @ 9:55 AM

According to a new,building stones of a quarry was always stolen by grands of thieves bu using walkie talkie radio.A guy took charge of watching ,when he found someone came,he would inform others inside to hide or withdraw -- that is their team work.You see ,walkie talkie radio has been the new tool of grands of larcenies.But it is OK,we have a professional signal jammer,UHF/VHF jammer helps us to solve the problem.You know,UHF/VHF jammer also named walkie talkie jammer,a new jamming technology to jam walkie talkie radio.

15W High Power Adjustable 3G Mobile Phone VHF UHF Walkie-Talkie Jammer

To prevent the kind of “team work” of grands of larcenies,we can install walkie talkie jammer in important place of marketplaces,commercial buildings,jewelry store,vaults of banks and some other places which there need to be protected from stealing.To remember that,coverage range of UHF/VHF jammer is up to 40 meters (depends on the hampers).So we need to calculate how many jammers should be fixed on the place will get the optimum efficiency.When a part of larcenies enter your zone,the rest wait and watch outside,they can not contact with each other when they needed.A good measure to break their team work ,and arrest them.

Besides,the signal jammer also can block 2G and 3G mobile phones,an additional function but really be useful.When thieves found their walkie talkie radio stop working,they begin to use cell phones...They found their cell phone stop working again.Police or security guards can crush one by one under the indication of monitors.

To deal with grands of larcenies that carry walkie talkie radio,not only alarm & monitor systems,security guards we need, but also sets of walkie talkie jammers,especially in vaults of banks and jewelry stores.