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Avoid Noisy Phones in Speeches

Posted on 2nd Nov 2015 @ 10:58 AM

The buzzing and jingles from cell phones in public place may cause others’ negative induced emotion,and that is rude behavior especially in theaters,cinemas,restaurants,concerts and speeches ,etc.For avoiding thus noisy ring,a power cell phone jammer is being suggested to be installed in those places to jam cell phones ,including 2G 3G 4G ,GPS,WiFi,Bluetooth,Lojack.

12W Powerful 10 Antennas GPS WiFi Bluetooth LoJack UHF VHF 3G 4G Phone Jammer

Speech is an important show time to every lecturers,they hope to achieve their aims via the personal performance.No one likes his speech rudely interrupted by some audiences’ cell phones,then he feels be ignored and disrespected -- sometimes the one who defeated you is not your competitors but the interruptors.You are attacked unawares by those interruptors --- and what’s worse is ,thus behaviours seems to be understood and merited...It exits truly and be the trend of normalcy,someone gears up to deliver a speech to an audience,there is always a chance they are going to be rudely by others’ cell phone going off.

So we suggest to install the powerful cell phone jammer in the place before the speeches.The device covers up to 10meters ,you should calculate the area of the whole place and then device how many cell phone jammers there should be.There are 10 antennas for switching to different jamming targets as we mentioned in the first paragraph,or we can make all of them work.It means,almost of cell phones can ring and work in the place (can’t make and receive calls and texts);can’t use signal from WiFi source;can’ transfer data via Bluetooth;no GPS and Lojack signal ,free from tracking.In a word,no mobile device can work during the speech,they can focus on the performance and prevent from interrupting.

To avoid noisy cell phones in speeches,the device does well in helping.