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Do you want to have a 4 Antenna UHF VHF Signal Jammer?

Posted on 30th Oct 2015 @ 9:55 AM

Last night I was awakened at midnight. I don’t know why then I heard a noise of a young boy who is talking loudly maybe with his girlfriend through mobile phone. I am very tired and just can't understand why those people just enjoy their freedom to use their cell phone unscrupulous without thinking of others' feeling.

20W High Power 4 Antenna UHF VHF Signal Jammer

I believe I am not the only one who has this kind of feeling who just want to cut off the signal of mobile phones. There are more and more people who are suffering with this kind of torment. That’s why Signal Jammers are produced.

Here is a 20W High Power 4 Antenna UHF VHF Signal Jammer which can be used to cut off the signals of the mobile phones and creating a peaceful and safe condition to people. The UHF VHF signal jammer also can help people who really can’t stand the UHF VHF frequency bands devices such as the walkie-talkies anymore!

It has 4 antennas and could block 4 frequency bands at the same time. It's very powerful and the jamming distance could up to 30 meters according to the signal strength of the detailed place.

But there are still some other points you need to know:

First, this UHF VHF signal blocker is powered by the adapter and it is designed just like a box and is only suitable to be used in the certain places and not portable.

Second, you should use it after this 20W High Power 4 Antenna UHF VHF Signal Jammer is fully charged and you’d better NOT use it when it is charging or it may strike or reduce work time. We provide a 1 year warranty and this situation is not included.

Third, the jamming distances is varied according to the signal strength and the specific work location. So the interference radius of it is not fixed.

So If you are really interested in this 20W High Power 4 Antenna UHF VHF Signal Jammer then you can visit our online shop http://www.jammerfromchina.com Chatting with the online service will help you fine the most suitable signal Jammers for you.