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Signal jammers Help in Wars on Terror

Posted on 26th Oct 2015 @ 9:59 AM

IED,Improvised Explosive Device,is the most powerful weapon of terrorist and insurgents.But it was proved in many wars on terror,the simple and cheap weapon are disabled by signal jammers.The devices are so incredibly important to military to strip IED.

80W Portable High Power Wireless Anti-explosion Jammer

The signal jammer we are talking about is exclusive for jamming IED in wars on terror.Outer case looks like draw-bar box,can be carried or pushed and pulled.Besides,the outer case can protect inside signal jammer from impact ,rain,insolation and other pollution,damage.The Signal jammer can be fixed on car,truck,when reached the destination,it may runs with soldiers on flat rugged ground to access IED and jam.

The new generation of jammer can cover a broad range of frequencies,including CDMA/TDMA+Nextel (851-894 MHz),IDEN,AMPS(869-894MHz),GSM 850,GSM(925-960 MHz),High GSM/DCS (1805-1880 MHz),UMTS (3G 2110-2170 MHz).Optional,computer communication standards 2.4 Ghz,WLAN Bluetooth WiFi.Satellite communication systems,Thuraya Iridium Elipso Inmarsat GlobalStar,Aces Odyssey GPS,CDMA450 Cellphone System (430-450/460-470 MHz).The ways of the device is ,”rather than confuse a receiver with a modified version of its own signal .Duke had a series of buitl-in jamming responses,designed to fool very specific devices.”For example,to protect hostages to reach somewhere,motorcade has to pass an unknown areas...The signal can block IED during a drug raid so terrorists can’t control remotely outside the area.Also ,the signal jammer can be used in areas where radio transmissions are dangerous.It means the areas is with a potentially explosive atmosphere,like the chemical storage facilities or grain elevators.

The signal jammers have gotten remarkable achievement in disable IED,such as in Iraq,terrorists largely abandoned the use of IED,so that the deaths from IED dropped.Anyway,there still be many problems in the world,we have to ramp up even newer technologies to combat that.