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New Tide of Signal Jammer : WiFi + Bluetooth + Wireless Video

Posted on 23rd Oct 2015 @ 9:55 AM

Signal jammers have expanded their functions ,not only for jamming mobile phones,they have new tide today.Anyway,the working principle are the same,sending out signals to fool the receiver there are no frequencies available to make or receive.For the new tide ,signal jammers have jam WiFi,Bluetooth, wireless video,walkie-talkie,etc.For the signal jammer,it can jam WiFi ,Bluetooth and wireless video cameras.

Powerful Tabletop WiFi Bluetooth Wireless Video Signal Jammer

What we want to introduce is the function of jamming wireless video.With spread of wireless spy camera,privacy of people are facing dangerous of divulging.People have to check over whether there are some spy cameras hid in,when they check in hotels,or dressing rooms,public washing rooms...Especially in meeting rooms,business secrets must be well protected.Fix the signal jammer in the room,it can help us to avoid spy cameras and other electronic products that working via WiFi and Bluetooth.

The powerful tabletop WiFi Bluetooth Wireless Video Signal Jammer make you feel free when your privacy,secrets are in need of protecting.If some guys take spy cameras into your meeting room or house and car ,and you can’t and have no time to find out the bugs,don’t worry,the  signal jammer can solve the problem well.It will jam the connection between the signal sender and receiver of wireless spy camera,signals between sender and receiver can’t be transferred.Besides,the Signal Jammer also jams WIFI and Bluetooth if you want and there be.It is a multipurpose signal jammer.But,it is not for wired spy cameras and some come without signal sender and receiver ,and not for jamming mobile phones signals.

Tide is depended on the market requirements,signal jammers are being developed for more functions and better user experiences.