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Golden GPSL1 + 2G + 3G Handled Signal Jammer

Posted on 19th Oct 2015 @ 10:46 AM

The signal jammer is for protecting our privacy in cell phones and GPS equipment,takes us safe and quite environment.One difference of the signal jammer is ,it has a golden outer casing ,so a bright and vivid color.

Handheld GPSL1 2G 3G Mobile Phone Signal Jammer with Selectable Button

Yes,the portable design is so convenient for us to take it into bag ,briefcase,car and anywhere,it is also fit in the palm of hand and pocket .Secures the area and protects GPS equipment and cell phones use with the most popular of our combination -- GPSL1 & 2G 3G cell phones signal jammer.And another intimate design is ,the signal jammer has a built in fan to keep the unit cool during extended periods of use,as well as switch selectable setting ,so we can choose the channels what we want to block.It will create a protected zone around us,car ,meeting ,the covering range of blocking cell phones and GPS is at a distance of up to 15metters ,under the best conditions.Five indicator lights on the outer casing are for confirming which bands are actively being inhibited,and the durable rubber coated antennas won’t break with rugged use.Take the jammer into your car,it can protect your car from tracking of GPS.And if you were tracked by some evil cell phone software,could not get rid even closing phones,the signal jammer may help you solve the problem and threaten.

By the way,the signal jammer was provided a suit of black clothes to protect it’s body.And with the clothes,the signal jammer can be clipped to belt on hanged on shoulder.For every antenna,there are 4 hats -- such a way to protect antennas from unexpected damage.