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End of Cell Phone Rage is Pocket Size Jammers ?

Posted on 14th Oct 2015 @ 9:00 AM

Most of us ,especial commuters,have experienced rage at having to listen to fellow passengers' phone calls,so portable cell phone jammers are being used to shut down conversations in bus,metro,train,cinema,theater.

 Portable WiFi Bluetooth 3G 4G Mobile Phone Blocker

Pocket size jammers are really a good help for us to provide ourselves a quite environment.The main communication network of most of countries are 3G and 4G,besides,WiFi source and Bluetooth signal should not be ignored.For this,we recommend one professional pocket size cell phone jammer to all commuters,Portable WiFi Bluetooth 2G 3G 4G Mobile Phone Blocker.The jammer was holding a device hat looks like a walkie talkie with six antennas in his hand.When someone will try their cell again ,we can subtly turn in their direction,press a button and point is at them,then we can stop bearing a boring and loudly chitchat from guys who sit near to us.That is a way to gain some control against what we see as an increasingly inconsiderate social problems--such as phone etiquette.The pocket size device blocks cell phone signals in it’s covering range,refuses calls making and incoming.Of course,all cell phones can return to work when the jammer was turned off ,or keep an enough far way from it.

Commuters who are bearing rough phone chitchat love the device.One New Jersey to New York daily commuter who carries a jammer on his Transit ride every day said:they are the best thing ever.He uses the pocket size cell phones jammer from website that imports them from China,when a fellow passenger talks too loud or too long.he said,when he used the jammer,it is to cut off a loud talker on the train that is sitting near him,and he though that just is personal high fives.

That is maybe the reason why customers say pocket size jammer is the end of cell phone rage.