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50 Meters Covering Radius TV Remote Control Jammer

Posted on 12th Oct 2015 @ 10:25 AM

This isn't a signal TV remote control jammer,all remote control electronic products which use 310MHz ,315MHz,390MHz,433MHz working frequencies are the blocking targets of the remote jammer,such as ,car remote control ,drones ,etc.Another characteristic is that the covering range of the TV remote control jammer is 50 meters(radius),of course,it also be depended on the strength signal in given areas.

4 Band High Power 310MHz 315MHz 390MHz 433MHz Remote Control Jammer 50 Meters Radius

TV remote control jammer sends a constant infrared radiation pulses with the carrier frequency of the transmitter,so the result will be non-accepted signal from the receiver and therefore no action will be taken.What the TV remote emits mainly is a sequence of pulses when you press a button.Infrared radiation transmitter is fixed to the surface of the TV remote,it emits the pulses in unique configuration for each button.IR receiver which is arranged to TV will receiver these sequence of pulses that are transmitted by TV remote ad identifies which button is pressed in TV remote.

Fools and confuses the receiver by pulse signal,the jammer can reach it’s goals in blocking TVs,cars,drones,toys.Take TV remote control as a sample,one of the advantages that are brought to us is ,we can use this jammer to jam the remote signals so that the other people can not change the channel while watching our favorite program on TV.In some public places or other where there is TV showing for all audience,but some guys like to change to his favorite channel ,or evening holds the controller in hand just for funny.Another is ,the jammer will not affect the signal receiving capacity of the TV,it means when the jammer is in working,remote controllers can do nothing,we can enjoy the TV programs without any bad influence from troublemakers.

Please ensure working frequencies of jamming targets before placing orders,or you may chat with online servers for double confirmation to avoid to choose an ill-suited model.