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Jammers Accessories Mobile Power

Posted on 4th Oct 2015 @ 9:00 AM

You know,portable signal jammers are limited in battery capacity,so their outside working time is about 2 hours after full charging.When portable signal jammer works out of the house,car and charging station,and runs out all energy--can not get but need to keep working,it is a common and embarrassing problem.And general power banks can meet the requirement of signal jammer.

Portable Power Bank for Handing Portable Mobile Phone Bluetooth Signal Jammer

So,we sell the mobile power separately to some in need ,as one part of accessories.Portable signal jammers can be fully charged and stand for a long time.Your none cell phone ringing disturbance zone is well protected,never have to face the problem of lacking or low power energy for your signal jammer.

The power bank weight is 270g,dimension is 1100mm (H)*62mm (l) * 30mm (D),not very light and small size ,but it is enough for you to hold it.Rang of input voltage is from AV110V-250V,50Hz-60Hz.There are 2 indicator lights,when POWER ON,“P” LED light lights in Red,low power the light lights in red as well;when it is in charging,“C” light lights in red,turns in blue after full charged.

The portable power bank is designed only for handing portable mobile phone Bluetooth signal jammer,and by suing this handheld power bank for jammer the jammer device can work continuously for about 4 hours which is really loner than many other portable mobile phone jammer devices.Besides since it is designed with indicating LED light and owns the external connected cable so that it is really convenient for you to sue and take it to the places that you want to.Take note that,the mobile power is for handing portable mobile phone Bluetooth signal jammer (JFC-030-0012).You make double check and confirm with our online servers or email to us before placing order.