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Indoor & Outdoor Signal Jammer

Posted on 2nd Oct 2015 @ 9:00 AM

The High Power Waterproof Prison Mobile Phone Signal Jamming System is power unit that is suitable for indoor & outdoor using,such as smaller prisons and detention centers or learning institutions.

High Power Waterproof Prison Mobile Phone Signal Jamming System

The heavy duty signal jammer provides a high 80W power,covers up to 120meters,you kn ow it depends on the signal strength at the application place.The jammer was designed for outdoor & indoor using as it comes with a waterproof cover.We can fix it inside of prison,detention centers and learning institutions or even outside.When the signal jammer works,mobile phone users were limited,no text,no web,no calls,no communication.It is a necessary way to prevent prisoners connect with outside guys,or examinees cheat with other communication tools,for academic testing centers and issuance of standardized tests.

And ,it has a self-cooling design.You know,it is known that all electronic products must become hot after long time working.Working efficiency is influenced ,ranges are reduced if the item turns hot.So,we add a cooling system to heat sinks, keeping the unit cooler and giving it much more stable performance and better range.Integrated circuit protection to prevent damage in the event of antenna short circuiting or disconnection.And the signal jammer is about 30kg--it is a stationary signal jammer from those places.Antennae type:7dBi high gain omni directional antenna.

The signal jammer covers CDMA(851MHz-894MHz),GSM (925MHz-960MHz),DCS(1805MHz-1880MHz),PCS(1930MHz-1990MHz),3G(2110MHz-2185MHz).Take note that,the signal jammer is for jamming 2G and 3G mobile phones,not for 4G phones.Working temperature is from -10°to +50 C ,humidity is up to 80%,don’t let it work at too hot and cold environment,otherwise,it can not make a stable performance and better range.