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A Portable Privacy Protector : Spy Camera+WiFi+Bluetooth

Posted on 30th Sep 2015 @ 10:07 AM

In simple words,the portable blocker can block spying camera,WiFi and Bluetooth,working range is 1.0G(895mhz-1000mhz),1.2G(1195mhz-1300mhz),2.4G(2395mhz-2500mhz)--it can disable almost all type of existing spy cameras working via wireless video,wireless LAN,and Bluetooth bands.

Multifunctional Handheld Wifi Bluetooth Wireless Video Audio Jammer

We know Spy videos comes with small size ,sometimes called pinhole cameras,that is the description of shape and size. So easily to be hidden ,installed,and hardly found.In daylight or some places where there is sufficient light,spy video can get clear video.Those places may hide spy cameras,hotels rooms,bathhouses,WC,public dressing rooms and so on.

The spy camera blocker is a privacy protector ,to us.It is small enough to be concealed in a pocket,briefcase,and,easily& inconspicuously be operated.The unit works about 90 minutes after full charging,it has a rechargeable battery and universal charging adapter.Covers up to 15meters,within the area,you are safe and can have private activities,no need to worries about the problem of spy cameras.As we said before,the blocker blocks spy cameras from working via WiFi and Bluetooth--working principle was broken and disabled until the blocker was turned off.

Now there are some camera detectors in the markets,the units will tell us weather there are some hidden cameras.It can do that and only can do that...Yes,it is available for you to find out where the spy cameras are hidden in,but you know that will need a not short time .And ,sometimes,detector can found out some types of cameras -- if that is out of it’s ability,it can not do that but you think it has done well...So some hidden cameras are missed by you...You still need a spy camera blocker to help you.Or,you can make the blocker work in the beginning so that you don’t have to find out those hidden cameras.It is better and more safer to own the two kinds of units,if Okay.