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Portable 315MHz 433MHz 868MHz All Remote Control Blocker

Posted on 23rd Sep 2015 @ 9:54 AM

The RF signal blocker is for all remote control products,including 315MHz 433MHz 868MHz the three main frequencies.For the RF signal blocker,it can cut off the range of 315MHz 433MHz 868MHz and covers up to 20 meters.

Portable 315MHz 433MHz 868MHz All Remote Control Jammer

It can go with you and work outside where there you go due to it is portable design,helps you in blocking cars’,Televisions’ ,air conditions,electronic toys’,drones’, remote controllers and other 315MHz 433MHz 868MHz products.Its chargeable Li-ion battery ,2600mAh capacity.And,it can supports 1-2 hours working time,needs about 3 hours recharging time.It has two way of charging,we can charge at home (AC110V-240V,12VDC),and charge in car (12V 12VDC).With the power supplying from battery,the RF signal blocker can keep working one or two hours,after full charged.

It is no doubt that remote controllers bring us convenient daily life,we can do something without body moving-- good design for lazy.But sometimes it brings us troubles as well--someone will be disturbed in public places.For example ,the remotely controlled robots, drones and other surveillance drones operated by humans by using the remote control, which is widely used these days. If so your privacy and life may be disturbed by such kind of surveillance drones, to avoiding this situation and protect your privacy the best and simple way is to RF blocker to block the signals of the remote control signals.

You may visit here http://www.jammerfromchina.com/categories/Remote_Control_Jammers/ for more remote control models.And kindly take note, the product should not be used for the criminal activities. So, please make sure your activities is permitted by laws, otherwise, responsible for your all unlawful act.