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Unknown Explosive Material Was Found in Hotel Signal Jammer Helped Cleaners

Posted on 31st Aug 2015 @ 12:32 PM

On March 15,some unknown explosive material and bullets were found in a hotel of Yun Nan.One of hand grenade was opened and lead was out,it might bomb anytime and cause serial bombing.According to the information,those hazardous articles were left by traffickers.Armed Police Force dispatched bombs disposal cleaners to deal with emergency.

Wireless 50W High Power Explosionproof Signal Jammer

In order to prevent bombing from the unknown explosive material,cleaners must figure it out as soon as possible.A cleaner put on a suit of thick explosion-proof clothing and got close to the danger.Before his action ,an signal jammer was turn on to work--that is a explosion signal jammer just like our model JFC-020-0043,wireless 50W high power signal jammer.Because the cleaners couldn’t see the bombs ,he did not know bombs belonged to remote control bombs or not.So they needed help of signal jammer.You know,if those are remote control bombs,traffickers might destroy everyone who got close .But signal jammer can do things for that, it can make remote control bombs out of control by controllers.That is the first step to protect safe of cleaners.Then cleaners moved the dangerous package into explosion proof tank with mechanical arm and transfer to the outside of hotel.


At last ,the hotel was safe.This is a simple case ,but we know how important the signal jammer is to bombs disposal cleaners.We match a army back pack for the jammer ,so that it can be carried on the back ,moves with solders.Besides,there are still some other frequencies for customers choice,CDMA/TDMA+Nextel(851-894MHz),iDEN,AMPS(869-894MHz),GSM850,GSM(925-960 MHz),High GSM/DCS(1805-1880 MHz),PCS/GSM1900 [+PHS] (1930-1990 MHz),UMTS (3G)(2110-2170 MHz),Computer communication standards 2.4Ghz,WLAN Bluetooth Wi-Fi,WLAN Bluetooth Wi-Fi,Thuraya Iridium Elipso Inmarsat GlobalStar,Aces Odyssey GPS CDMA450 Cellphone System,(430-450/460-470 MHz).That can meet more requirements of markets.