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Tips for Checking in Hotels-Spy Video Jammer

Posted on 24th Aug 2015 @ 9:53 AM

We know most of hotels may hide spy videos,but sometimes we have to check in hotels when we are in traveling,on business trips.The title is mainly for the problem--how to get rid of spy video in hotels.

12W Desktop 8 Antenna 3G Cellphone GPS Bluetooth VHF UHF Signal Jammer

Spy videos comes with small size ,sometimes called pinhole cameras,that is the description of shape and size. So easily to be hidden ,installed,and hardly found.In daylight or some places where there is sufficient light,spy video can get clear video.It works weak in dark places,unless night vision video.

How to detect whether there is/are spy video/videos in a hotel room?Close all lamps and curtains of the room,the darker the better the room is.Open your cell phone camera (except for iPhone5,it can’t),keep it on hand walk around the room ,don’t forget to check all corner pockets,ceiling,TV,air-condition and so on.If there are spy videos,red dots will show on your cell phone.Go and take it out.Spy videos capture in dark via infrared ray,so most of cellular phones can check out.But some phones such as iPhone5 can’t do that due to infrared ray has been filtered.At last,unplug power cables of TV,as reported,some spy videos are installed inside.Close doors,all lamps and curtains before going to bed,spy videos can’t work without any light.

Boring to do these ?No time to check ?Then take a spy video jammer with you when you are in hotel’s room--Handheld Wireless Spy Video Camera WiFi Signal Jammer.The loyal jammer will block all wireless spy video automatically for you.You don’t need to hold a cell phone and walk around to check -- it wastes your time,have to say.Just need to turn on the spy video jammer when you are in room or other private places,all wireless spy video can work normally,can’t capture and transmit anything.It is an easy and safe way to protect our privacy.Maybe spy video jammer will be a necessity of travellers in future.