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Only Live Once Special for the Army’s Day

Posted on 3rd Aug 2015 @ 9:50 AM

Thanks for all armies that fight for peace and righteousness.We all know how dangerous works they are doing,what they have to face is to die or to live--most of time they just have only chance to live in the world.Only live once,we are not immortals.They are our family and protecting us.

80W Portable High Power Wireless Anti-explosion Jammer

How to add one more protection when they carry out dangerous tasks?The one,80W Powerful 5 Antennas Portable Wireless Anti-explosion Signal Blocker will be a honest protector of our protectors.Let’s see how does the blocker protects our protectors.


The stations of armies,are the centers of soldiers,kinds of weapons,communication equipment and commanders,shall be protected well.On the other hand ,stations are the most important destroyed targets to the terrorists.They may dispatch some to search and confirm targets’ location.They will locate the exact longitude and latitude by using GPS and transfer to their command post as long as they confirm which one the exact target was .And then there may be bombs sent from guided missiles or others.For the Anti-explosion blocker,it can do those:jams GPS system to stop locating and receiving ,both GPS and command post can get nothing;wireless communication equipment stop running,they can’t communicate with their boss.Usually ,they cover remote control bombs on narrow areas or roads and wait for our armies,and control the bombs with wireless equipment --but all plans will be well canceled by the Anti-explosion Blocker.


As well as to the situation of solving wireless remote control unexploded bombs -- it tell us what is “only live once”.If our soldiers make a wrong choice in circuit in any process of disabling -- bombing, or the terrorists press controller when soldiers tried to disable bombs--bombing.What the blocker can promise is ,keep soldiers safety from controlling of terrorists.Then they can be absorbed in solving bombs.

We know the blocker is just a way of defense ,but it can really protect our soldiers well in some special occasions -- we love peace but we must cherish life.                     

-- Hereby celebrate the Armies'Day of the Chinese People's Liberation Army.