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Powerful New Style 3 Antenna 5 Band Handheld GPS Mobile Phone Jammer

Posted on 3rd Jul 2015 @ 9:50 AM

In such a modern society, using of GPS and mobile phone signals tracking device has been a common phenomenon in our daily life. For preventing both your life and your privacy and avoiding being tracked by the GPS and mobile phone signal tracking systems, the best way to solve this problem is to own such kind of device to lock its working ability. Here this 3 Antenna 5 Band Handheld GPS Mobile Phone Jammer is just the device you are viewing.

3 Antenna 5 Band Handheld GPS Mobile Phone Jammer

Most of people are paying more attention to their life and their privacy with increasing of their life standard. With more and more signals tracking device come in such a modern society, we have to take actions to compete with these tracking devices. Here this GPS mobile phone jammer can do you a favor and can be a good assistant. For enjoying a high quality life, all types of jammers has been one dispensable part of life. We use jammers to protect our privacy, our life from being disturbing in such a modern society.

First of all, this handheld GPS phone signals Blocker owns strong jamming ability which owns 3 antennas but can cut off 5 frequency bands has been invented and with aiming of cutting off the signals of GPS and CDMA GSM DCS PCS at the same time within up to 10 meters jamming radius depending on the signals strength in the given area. This Mini handheld mobile and GPS Jammer not only can jam cell phone signals, but also can jam GPS signals. So you can enjoy a quiet life without hustles and bustles, at the same time, you can enjoy a high quality life without being tracked by others. These jammers also can protect our families and our friends. What’s more, with the mini portable style, you can use it anywhere you want with the mini compact design, this Phone and GPS signal jammer bring us more convenient in our daily life. You can take it to anywhere you want. You can use it any time you want. Moreover, this 5 band handheld jammer can also create a peaceful condition for you at the same time just by using it and within its distance the mobile phones will lose the function of sending messages and make phone calls.

Such excellent GPS mobile phone jammer can not only bring us more convenient and safety, but also can protect our friends and families. Owning such excellent ability this GPS mobile phone jammer can be applied in places like as schools, churches, conference rooms, hospitals and many places where needs quiet condition or the mobile phones are not allowed to be used. If you want this jammer, just come here http://www.jammerfromchina.com/ .