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3G4G WIFI Bluetooth Mobile Phone Jammer

Posted on 22nd May 2015 @ 9:00 AM

Here comes a powerful Jammer for 3G 4G mobile phone, deal with WIFI, Bluetooth and signal transmission. Also can ban GPS tracking to keep your track in secretly .

In the 20 meters’ jamming range, the Jammer well jams 3G 4G mobile phone, includes phone calling and receiving, WIFI signal and Bluetooth transmission.6 antennas (jam crossways, better effect) the Jammer comes with, and the output power is 3W (needs a 50 to 60Hz, 100 to 240V AC power supply ). Signal bandwidth it can jam : CDMA(870MHz-880MHz), GSM(930MHz-960MHz), DCS/PCS(1930MHz-1990MHz),3G(2010MHz-2145MHz),4G(2300MHz-2370MHz),4G(2552MHz-2655MHz).Also ,you can refer to the affected cell phone standards , GSM, 3G, DCS, CDMA.

 Portable WiFi Bluetooth 3G 4G Mobile Phone Blocker

Key solution’s of technology:

Ultrahigh frequency broadband jamming technology is made up of TXVCO and PA. For TXVCO, we also call it as interference source .VCO is a conversion device of voltage – frequency, and then produce interference source .For PA, it is a power amplifier, made up of power drive, power amplification and detection.


Broadband and high power solve the problem of power’s stable after increasing power. In the small space of jammer ,there are CDMA ,GSM ,DCS/PHS,3G4G six systems to send high power and broadband signal ,so that can complete jamming during those systems’ signal .The metal shell is good at heat dissipation, can keep working 7*24 hours and have no any harm to the Jammer.


Why we still can see signal showed on the cell phones after the Jammer working? That is a false appearance, actually .Press any bottom; you can see there is no signal appears on cell phones. Does the Jammer will jam signal of other electronics productions except for cell phone? Jammer’s signal is settled to against cell phones in previous, and we know, electronics products have different working frequency band, Jammer can’t jam those signal. The weak Jammer electromagnetic signal will not cause harm to human body and cell phones. Does the Jammer have the same effect with CDMA and GSM cellphones? Well, this is a funny question .Performance of anti-jamming of CDMA is better than GSM cell phones .So, effective jamming scope of CDMA cell phone is small than GSM, it is about 2-4 meters .Attention, for some important places, we shall add the quantity of Jammer to ensure the effective on CDMA cell phones .Is there any difference between indoor and outdoor? Yeah, effective jamming scope indoor is 30-40 meters. But the scope can enlarge up to several hundred meters. Besides, the effective scope is depends on the distance and location.


With the more and more polularize of 4G 3G mobile phone, WIFI and Bluetooth are widely used, they are important ways to transfer data and signal .But it doesn’t matter, the Jammer is specialized for jamming high technology mobile phone to protect secret for some great occasions .