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Your Best Gain of the Powerful Prison Signal Jammers

Posted on 8th Jan 2015 @ 10:05 AM

Now we have of course realized the importance of the safety condition and want to obtain the safety condition of course and that is also why more and more advanced high technology products have been invented to help people reach such kind of goal and if you have observed then you will find that the signal jammers can really be a good choice to help people in such kind of condition and if you have the need to know more then you can just come here and read this passage then.

240W Rackmount High Power Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

To creating the peaceful condition for the meeting and not being disturbed by the mobile phone calls when holding the meeting so that now the high power and also the handheld mobile phone signal jammers have been used to achieve such kind of condition. And in fact somehow the signal jammers can also act the role as the security tool as well since the some signal jammers can also help to block the tracking devices and also prevent the important information being given out as well and that is also why more and more prisons will choose to use the powerful prison signal jammers and just in the passage you will gain the chance to have a look at the details of the high power prison signal blockers.

Just here in this passage the signal blockers that being introduced here is the “240W Rackmount High Power Mobile Phone Signal Jammer” and then you can just hold the chance to have a look at the details soon you will know that this high power 3G prison signal jammer is a rackmount high power jammer that is designed with 240W high output power, so that this mobile phone signal jammer owns powerful ability in blocking the signals of the mobile phone frequency bands CDMA GSM DCS PCS and 3G, of which the jamming distance is up to 500 meters depending on the signal strength in the given area, which is really powerful.

Besides a big merit of this rockmount high power mobile phone signal jammer is that each band can adjust RF power output level or turn off without influencing the other bands operation. Besides the original antenna is external double channel directional panel antennas and you can select antennas to provide more flexibility regarding jamming coverage. What's more, of course the high quality cooling system has also being used on this high power 3G prison signal jammer as well so that it can stay in the good working condition and also reach the goal of 24/7 nonstop working goal as well. And for a lot of important place such as the prison, military and so many important government departments where the mobile phones are not allowed to be used this powerful military 3G cell phone jammer can be widely used.

And also there are a lot of other styles of the high quality powerful prison signal jammers that are offered at www.jammerfromchina.com as well and if you have the need then youcan just come here and then select one at the best price then.