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How to Gain the Three-In-One Handheld Signal Blockers?

Posted on 17th Nov 2014 @ 9:00 AM

Are you willing to take several signal jamming devices with you or just one signal jammer with you to cut off the same signal frequency bands? Of course for almost all the people they will choose only to bring one signal jammer with them since it not only save energy buy also save space and also the cost as well at the same time and that is also why more and more two-in-one and three-in-one signal jammers are being invented and also widely used by people now and now just here in this passage the example of the three-in-one handheld signal jammers will be taken as the instance here. Still wondering how to gain the three-in-one handheld signal blockers? Then just come here jammerfromchina and you will gain the best access to gain such kind of signal jamming devices then.

Handheld Selectable GPS WiFi 3G Mobile Jammer

I really hate the loud noises of the mobile phones, maybe this is the normal word that we can usually hear even when we are walking in the street and in fact it is really true that now a lot of people are being disturbed by the mobile phone calls, being tracked by the mobile phone signal trackers, the GPS trackers and also the WiFi network has the risk of being stolen by others as well and the best method that now can help people to solve the problem is using the signal jamming devices that can block the signals of the GPS WiFi and also the mobile phones at the same time and then the mobile phone GPS WiFi signal jammers should be perfect.

Then if having such kind of need you will find that this "Handheld Selectable GPS WiFi 3G Mobile Jammer" that will soon be introduced in the following content is really a good choice for you and then just come to know more details of this handheld selectable GPS WiFi 3G cellphone jammer as well. Firstly have a look at the appearance of this portable selectable Bluetooth GPS 3G mobile phone blocker you will know that it is designed with 5 antennas so that it can cut off the signals of CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G GPS WiFi and also Bluetooth at the same time, which is really powerful and owning the selectable buttons also enable people to decide the jamming frequency bands of this handheld selectable GPS WiFi 3G cellphone jammer based on the real situation that they are in as well.

In addition, the jamming distance of this handheld mobile phone WiFi GPS signal jammer is also powerful, which is up to 20 meters at most based on the real situation that they are in. In addition, as designed with the car charger, when people have the need to use this three-in-one handheld signal blocker in the car or have it charged in the car, it is really convenient. What's more, the cooling system of this handheld selectable GPS WiFi 3G cellphone jammer is also powerful as well since the built-in cooling fan has been applied.

And also there are many other styles of the three-in-one handheld signal blockers with the combination of other frequency bands can be gained at www.jammerfromchina.com and if you have the need you just need to take action and obtain the item that is suitable for you with the best price.