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High Quality Remote Controlled Signal Jammers Are Just Here

Posted on 3rd Sep 2014 @ 9:33 AM

Just like the TV can be controlled by the remote control within a distance, which is really convenient and helpful as there is no need for people to come near to the TV to change the channels as before and this is also the same for the air-conditioner, the remote controlled door and so many other advanced devices that can be controlled via the remote controllers and just here in this passage you will know that now the signal jamming devices can also be operated via the remote controllers as well and just here at www.jammerfromchina.com you can gain a good access and more useful information.

310MHz 315MHz 418MHz 433MHz 50 Meters Quad Band Car Remote Control Jammer view product details

Now in order to gain the peaceful and safe condition without the tracking, being monitored and also away from the mobile phone calls now the signal jammers are being widely used to help people gain the perfect condition. Since the mobile phone jammers can help people to keep away from the noises of the mobile phone noises and also the mobile phone tracking devices, the GPS jammers can block the tracking of the GPS trackers, the WiFi jammers can help to protect the security of the network and so on. And now there are more and more advanced high power advanced remote controlled signal jammers are invented and used and just here you can have a look at this “High Power Desktop Signal Jammer for GPS Cell Phone (Extreme Cool Edition)”, which is the remote controlled 3G GPS signal jammer and designed with the remote controller as well.

Firstly a big merit of this high power multi-functional signal jammer is that it is designed with the remote control, which can help easy to turn on and turn off the jammer just via using the remote control. Besides as designed with 4 antennas this high power remote controlled signal jammer can cut off the signals of CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G and also GPSL1 at the same time, which is really powerful. Thus the jamming distance of this remote controlled 3G GPS signal jammer is amazing as well since depending on the signal strength in the detailed place the jamming range is up to 25 meters at most. Thus since this high power remote controlled GPS 3G mobile phone jammer owns the desktop design, there is no doubt that high quality cooling system has been used on this emote controlled 3G GPS signal jammer, so that designed with the cooling fan this high power signal jammer can stay in the good working condition without causing high temperature problem as well.

Besides, this remote controlled 3G GPS signal jammer is easy to install and easy to use as well. This high power remote controlled GPS 3G mobile phone jammer is just the instance of the high power remote controlled signal jammers that offered here at www.jammerfromchina.com and there are also many other types of the high power remote controlled signal jammers can be gained with both high quality and cheap price as well.