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Here Is Your Choice of Military Prison High Power Wireless Signal Jammers

Posted on 4th Aug 2014 @ 9:31 AM

No doubt that the meetings should be hold in the quiet condition and usually the phone calls are prohibited during the meeting time and for a lot of companies in order to gain the perfect condition for the meeting, they will use the mobile phone jammers to help them and if the meeting room is not so huge then just using a common high power mobile phone jammer can help them to reach their goal easily. But usually for place such as the prison and the military the areas are huge and using the normal high power signal blockers are not enough, in such kind of condition the super high power signal jammers will play the important role and just here in this passage you will know that the best choice of the high power military prison super high power wireless signal jammers are here.

800W High Power VIP Protection Wireless Signal Jammerview product details

Usually for the military and the prison cut off the signals of the mobile phones and not allow the mobile phones to make and receive phone calls and also receive and send messages is really in need, but except the signals of the mobile phone other frequency bands such as the GPS, WiFi, LoJack and so on also need to be blocked we well in order to ensure the safety condition and now there are various types of the high power wireless signal jammers that are offered in the market and it seems that it is really hard for people to make the choice to by which one and where can be their best access online and just here in this passage everything will be simple then.

As just here www.jammerfromchina.com provide high quality military prison high power signal jammers at the best price and high quality and then you can just have a look at this signal blocker that named "800W High Power VIP Protection Wireless Signal Jammer" and taken as the example here. And for more details of this high power wireless signal blocker you can just take a glance at the following content.

This is an anti-explosion wireless signal jammer is not only suitable in case of VIP convoy protection, military rehearse, field operation activity etc, this high power wireless signal blocker can also guard against unwanted signal in municipal hall, police check point, prison and the like. It is absolutely a device of high performance in its mission. Mountable to vehicle, the jammer can be used to block the remote controlled improvised explosive gadgets by terrorist and criminals. The 800W high power jamming can work for a range of 200-300m with full frequency band, while the jamming radius depends on the signal strength in the detailed place.

The alarm system fully protected circuit in case of disconnection of antennas design has also been applied on this high power military prison signal jammer. Thus because of using high quality cooling system this high power wireless signal blocker an also easily reach the goal of 24/7 easily. And now for more types and more details of the military prison high power signal jammers just come here www.jammerfromchina.com and you will gain the satisfied answer of course.