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5 Antennas EU Version 3G GPS WiFi Jammer Is Just Here

Posted on 14th Jul 2014 @ 9:00 AM

People now have more and more requirements in choosing the signal jammers and a lot of people want to decide the jamming frequency bands and also the jamming distance at the same time as they may have the need to block different frequency bands when using the signal blockers. Then do you know what kind of signal blockers is suitable for them in such kind of condition? Of course the adjustable signal jammers is the best selection in this condition and during a long term the high power adjustable signal blockers have really helped people a lot.

Adjustable High Power Phone WiFi GPS Jammer-EUview product details

Besides cut off the signals of the mobile phones now a lot of people also have the need to block the signals of GPS WiFi and also Bluetooth at the same time or alone when they have the need so that now the high power signal jammers that designed with the adjustable button and can block the mobile phones and also WiFi GPS signals at the same time have already been invented and widely used and there are also the EU Version 3G GPS WiFi jammer that are suitable to be used by the people in the EU countries and there are a lot of types that are offered in the market now and to gain the overall information then just here this “Adjustable High Power Phone WiFi GPS Jammer-EU” is taken as the example and you will gain the chance to have a look at the details then.

This is a phone WiFi GPS jammer combines the working ability of WiFi jammer, GPS jammer and phone jammer together ideally, as the jamming frequency band is adjustable and you can determine the jamming effect by turning the button that designed to control the strength of the jamming distance, in this way this high power desktop EU Version GPS WiFi 3G cell phone jammer really creates people a lot of convenience and do them a favor. Besides, the shielding radius is up to 40 meters based on the detail situation with the 12Watt total output power, which is really powerful. Using the AD/DC Adaptor as power supply, aiming of using the device nonstop can be reached without any difficulty since the high quality cooling system that designed with cooling fan have been used on this desktop EU Version WiFi 3G GPS signal blocker and you have no need to worry that this adjustable WiFi 3G GPS jammer will produce high temperature when it is working.

Besides this adjustable WiFi 3G GPS signal blocker can be used in a lot of fixed place that for example such as at home, in the office, in the library, the church, the meeting room and so many other places that the mobile phones are not allowed to be used. Also now here www.jamemrfromchina.com can offer such kind of high power desktop EU Version GPS WiFi 3G cell phone jammer at the best price then you can just come here and gain one.