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High Power Cheap Remote Control 3G Phone Jammer

Posted on 28th Feb 2014 @ 10:24 AM

Now almost all the TV sets are designed with the remote controller and do you know what are the functions of them and what benefits can the remote control do to help people? Of course for the people now they can just use the remote control and then turn to the band that they want to and enjoy the TV series or watch the news according to the own taste without coming near to the TV itself and that also can help to turn on and turn off the TV as well and in this way it can help people live the more comfortable life. And what about people who want to get the easier way to use the signal jammers such as the cell phone signal jammers? Then now there are also the high power remote control signal jammers that are designed for the signal jammers as well and just here you can have a look at the real example.

15W High Power 3G Mobile Phone Jammer with Remote Controllerview product details

Just the same as the TV uses the remote control as well now the cell phone jammers can also uses the remote control to help them make the operation easier as well and then just have a look at the "15W High Power 3G Mobile Phone Jammer with Remote Controller" and then you can see more details of the high power 3G cell phone jammer as the following content and they just go directly to see the details of the 3G mobile phone jammer then.

This high power remote control signal jammer is designed with the desktop style and high power this high power remote controlled jammer is suitable to be used in the certain places. And designed with high power output the shielding radius of this remote control 3G phone jammer is up to 40 meters at most according to the signal strength in the given place to blocking the signals of the CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G these 5 frequency bands at the same moment when the device start working. Thus since it is equipped with remote controller there is no need for you to come near to it when you want to turn on/off it, if so in the cold winter this is really convenient for the owners and they can just operate the jammer within a certain distance and then reach your goal easily.

Besides since the jamming functions and jamming distance of this cheap 3G remote control jammer is powerful so that the application areas of it is also wide as well such as for places like the meeting room, the church, at home, in the theatre and also so many other places that the mobile phones are not allowed to be used this high power remote control signal jammer is suitable and now if you are in need of the remote control 3G phone jammer then you can just come here and you will soon get the cheap 3G remote control jammer with the best price.