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Multifunctional Mobile Phone WiFi GPS Signal Jammer with Golden Color

Posted on 12th Feb 2014 @ 9:28 AM

In this high technology world, people now are enjoying the convenience and the joys that the high technology products have brought to them and they are really excited when some kind of advanced-technology products are invented and come into the market. However, the fact is people’s life is always filled with hustles and bustles living in the information era. A lot of people now are suffering the inconvenience and even trapped in the trouble that the high technology product have brought to them and among them the mobile phone and GPS tracking device is the most obviously. People want to gain the peaceful and safe environment without being disturbed by others and any communication devices and just enjoy the life they want. To create such kind of environment, the multifunctional mobile phone jammer from www.jammerfromchina.com can be the good helper to reach people's goal.

Handheld Golden Color 2G Mobile phone WiFi GPS Signal Jammer

The detailed jamming frequency bands of this 2G mobile phone WiFi GPS signal jammer are CDMA DCS GSM PCS GPS Bluetooth, and only by using 4 antennas this handheld golden color signal jammer can block these frequency bands within up to 15 meters jamming radius depending on the signal strength in the given area. In this case the 2G mobile phone signal tracking device and the GPSL1 will lose the ability to gain your situation. Moreover, by using the car charger this 2G mobile phone WiFi GPS signal jammer can work in the car directly, great convenience for the car owners.


To get the privacy or the position of some people, a lot of people now use the GPS tracking device to reach such kind of destination and in the country for the people who are being tracked this is really a kind of suffering and it is a risk for them since they have no privacy in public. Undoubtedly, the cell phone jammer introduced in this article can help people a lot to solve this problem well. Under the protection of this phone blocker with a good function of blocking mobile phone signals as well as GPS WiFi signal, there is no more need for you to worry about that your daily life and work will being kept an eye on by others.


Different people have different requirements when choosing the jammer products, often they will take their needs into consideration and this is why some people choose the mobile phone jammers while some people choose the multifunctional jammers. If you don't want to be tracked by GPS devices and be annoyed by endless ring tones, then this signal jammer with golden color which can cut off the signals of the cell phone, WiFi and GPS at the same time can be your perfect choice. By using such kind of device, you can enjoy your spare time to your heart’s content in the peaceful and safe environment.