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240W High Power Mobile Phone Jammer: The Best Device to Avoid Interruption

Posted on 7th Feb 2014 @ 9:00 AM

These days, cell phones are used everywhere and by everyone as well. It has become one of the essential accessories that we are employing in our everyday life. When you are attending a seminar or watching a movie, a ring tone coming from someone else mobile phone may distract your excitement. In order to block a phone from ringing, the use of cell phone jammer has been introduced. Places where it is mandatory to install cell phone jammers are religious places such as churches, and temples. Of course, they are also installed in big companies where time is considered as money and so the employees will not talk on the phone while they are working. Nowadays, the hammers are also installed in major cinemas, theatres and even in concert halls. In that case the 240W high power mobile phone jammer can be a great choice to ensure the peace.

240W Rackmount High Power Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

Since this rack mount high power jammer is designed with 240W high output power, there is no doubt that this mobile phone signal jammer owns powerful ability in blocking the signals of the mobile phone frequency bands CDMA GSM DCS PCS and 3G, of which the jamming distance is up to 500 meters depending on the signal strength in the given area. An important merit of this rack mount high power mobile phone signal jammer is that each band can adjust RF power output level or turn off without influencing the other bands operation. Besides the original antenna is external double channel directional panel antennas and you can select antennas to provide more flexibility regarding jamming coverage.


A few years ago, this mobile phone jammer is used only in defense sector but now it can be used by anyone to secure his/her life. The cell phone jammer is really a useful device and it is important to everyone to procure this. If you turn on the cell phone jammer, you can block mobile signals within the particular area. The technology which is used behind this is the same as the one employed for disrupting radio waves. It is a well known fact that mobile phones make use of the towers of the specific network for establishing signals. The cell phone jammer transmits the cell phone signals as that of the radio frequency in such a way that it breaks up the connection between the tower and the phone.


There are various types of jammers which are categorized in their different jamming distances and sizes in www.jammerfromchina.com . Some phone signal blockers are in big size while some of them are so small that you can take them in your hand. Different jamming radius depends on different sizes of the devices. And their prices are also vary from the different sizes and jamming ranges. You just can choose your preferable and meeded one from here.