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3G Mobile Phone Jammer Suitable for Car Using

Posted on 3rd Feb 2014 @ 9:00 AM

Cell phones have become lifelines for millions all over the world. One can't do anything without them in one's personal and professional lives; no two ways about it. But of course there's a level of nuisance involved with these mobile devices, which expose one to unnecessary interference. With the increasing numbers of cars, the traffic accidents also have rise. Mostly the main reason can be the drivers are interrupted by other things such as phone calls and loud music when they are driving. It's really very dangerous to both drivers and passengers. Therefore this mobile phone jammer for car using can assure the driver's life and safety better with the good function of blocking 4 bands frequency signals.

3G Mobile Phone Jammer Suitable for Car Using

This kind of mobile phone jammer from www.jammerfromchina.com is known to have the advantage for people in practical tabletop style which is easy to install and use. Designed with 4 antennas, this 3G mobile phone jammer owns the ability of blocking the signals of 851-894MHz, 925-960MHz, 1805-1990MHz, and 2110-2185MHz frequency. This car using mobile phone jammer can achieve the goal of being used in the car is because of the application of the car charger. With total 11W output, the jamming distance of this phone signal blocker can reach up to 40 meters max according to the signal strength in the given area.


Of course the major using occasion of the phone jammer can be cars owing to its unique design and application of car charger, there are other places and conditions which need a quiet atmosphere can also use this device. For example the restaurant especially in the western restaurant where all of the customers eat quietly and politely, a sudden phone call may make people annoyed and angry. If you talk with someone in the phone loudly in this condition, you will be seen as a rude man. In that case the use of phone signal blockers can give people a pleasant situation to enjoy their dinner with their lovers or friends. And places like library, meeting room, hospital and church can also be installed with this product to block phone signals and other Bluetooth signals to keep a silence for people's better daily life and study.


Nowadays with the wide spread of the cell phones, the phone jammer is no longer strange to people and to meet with different people's requirement there are various types of phone blockers in the market for people to choose. They are from big size to small one, from handheld to desktop design and always in different jamming ranges. Which type to choose just depends on your own actual use and preference. If you own a private car and are very concerned about your safety in the high way, then this car using mobile phone jammer in the online store can be your great choice.