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Explosion-proof Type 12W High Power Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

Posted on 2nd Feb 2014 @ 9:00 AM

Nowadays almost everyone owns a cell phone and mobile phones have penetrated much of the world economy to the extent. Furthermore, cell phones have become lifelines for millions all over the world. One can't do anything without them in one's personal and professional lives. But of course there is a level of nuisance involved with these mobile devices which expose one to unnecessary interference thus the Cell Phone Blocker is introduced by the company come in and offer much needed relief to users. And due to different styles of cell phone jammers have their own characteristics, and for people who want to use the phone signal blocker outside the house, this explosion-proof mobile phone jammer is suitable.

Explosion-proof Type 12W High Power Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

Business owners can benefit from these blockers to a great extent because now they won't have to be hounded by constant calls from customers, suppliers and signals that can run a risk for a particular business. For people in personal aspects of their lives, unwanted phone calls through phone signals can be responsible for a lot of disconcert and even depression in certain cases. With the help of mobile phone signal jammer owning the ability to block all kinds of signals, users can assure themselves much needed piece of mind. And the phone jammers also make sense for those in the intelligence agencies and spies who have to handle matters of national concern.


This explosion –proof mobile phone jammer owns powerful jamming radius which can reach up to 50 meters depending on the signal strength in the given area as it is designed with 12W high power output. Thus equipped with remote controller, the mobile phone jammer also allows you to turn on or off the device without coming to the device itself and you just need to operate via the remote controller. The frequency bands of CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G can be easily blocked by this blocker at the same time within its jamming distances. Except being used in the office, meeting room, class room and the church or many other indoors places which needs quiet condition or the mobile phones are not allowed to be used, this mobile phone signal jammer is often used outside because of its good waterproof function. It can protect the device from the water damage effectively.


Now it is easier for users to get these invaluable cell phone jammers online or in the stores. There is a wide collection of high power signal jammer here www.jammerfromchina.com for people to choose to suit their requirements and budgets as well. The store also takes the effort to offer people who are interested in the product but in urgent need of some related knowledge required information so that they can make the right decision for themselves. You can get the top quality products and thoughtful before and after sale service here.