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High Quality 4 Band 3G Phone Signal Jammer for Your Daily Use

Posted on 30th Dec 2013 @ 9:32 AM

In people's modern daily life, to have a good communication with families and friends, there are various types of smart cell phones to choose; to guaranty the 100% safety in home or office, the high-end security DVR camera systems can be good assistants. But what can you use to create a quiet condition for yourself to protect yourself from noise pollution? Then the 4 band 3G phone signal jammer can meet your requirement.

12W High Power 4 Band 3G Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

The high quality mobile phone jammer has a good design with a small size taking up a little space which can be a humanity design for people's daily use. However that little box is more powerful than you think with 12W high output power and its jamming effects can reach up to 50 meters based on the signal strength in the given places. Cell phones work with a control channel and at least five frequencies to communicate handset to base station. This phone jammer has the function to cut off the signals of the CDMA GSM DCS 3G signals at the same time. When a cell phone jammer is turned on it can block any cell phone service in the area. Besides, with a good cooling system, the device can work continuously without causing high temperature and any other potential safety hazard. This mobile phone jammer can be also used both put on the desk and mount on the wall which offer optional ways for to the convenience of different people.

The phone signal jammer has been used widely in people's daily life. We can see it in the school’s library, classroom, in the company's meeting room and in the movie theater and so on. All of them are indoor places, with a good waterproof function, this device can also be used outdoors. Nowadays especially people who live in the urban city, their daily life are filled with hustles and bustles. It's so difficult to find a peaceful condition or situation to release one’s tense and worry. Even at home they may be disturbed by the noisy phone calls from the neighborhoods or their own spammer phone rings. Therefore the phone jammer can be a good assistant to drift the noise around people’s daily life. If you don't want to be bothered by others in your spare time or want to enjoy a good movie in the theater, you will see that with the help of phone blocker, you can easily get the life you want.

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