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Really a Cool Desktop 3G Mobile Phone Jammer

Posted on 4th Dec 2013 @ 9:53 AM

Will you feel very happy when you find the suitable clothes for you and just fit you size and you height and makes you looks perfect? Of course you will and this is the normal reflect of almost all the people. Also for buying other things this is also the same and people will also feel excited when they gain the items that they need and they are satisfied with then. And now as people are disturbed by the mobile phone calls and the mobile phone noises somehow so that gain a jamming device that can help them to get rid of the condition is really in need. So as the 3G cell phone jammers now can help people in such kind of condition so gain an excellent 3G cell phone signal blocker is important then and right here you will gain a good beginning at www.jammerfromchina.com and then know more reliable information just here.

High Power Tabletop Mobile Phone Jammer with Constant Cooling Systemview product details

And since there are so many types of cell phone signal jammers that are offered in the market such as there are a lot of online shops that selling the tabletop 3G mobile signal jamming device now so that gain one that you are satisfied with is really important, so that here you will gain the chance to know a good designed and well welcomed 3G cell phone jammer which can help people both in life and daily work as well and then the following you will see the details of such kind of device and the functions as well here.

The name of this tabletop 3G mobile signal jamming device is "High Power Tabletop Mobile Phone Jammer with Constant Cooling System", which is a high power desktop 3G mobile phone jammer which seen from the title you can know clearly. This 2G 3G mobile phone signal jammer also owns good design at the same time for example since this 3G signal jamming device is designed with constant cooling system, this desktop cell phone jammer will not cause high temperature which is not good for the jammer device itself and on the contrary it support nonstop 24 hours working with producing high temperature and good effect in cutting of the signals of 851-894 MHz, 925-960 MHz, 1805-1990 MHz, 2110-2185 MHz frequency bands. And once the phone is within these 4 frequency band the signals can be blocked in a distance of 20 meters depending on the signal strength, which is really powerful as this cell phone signal blocker is designed with 12W high output power.

And because of possessing so powerful ability and good jamming range and easy to operate and will not waste the space to put it then you will find that for places such as at home, in the office and so many other places such as the church, theatre and so many other places this desktop cell phone jammer can be used as well. So if you are in need of the desktop cell phone jammer and the overall knowledge of the tabletop 3G mobile signal jamming device then you just need to hold the chance here.