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Why The 20 Meters 3G Jammer Is Well Welcomed?

Posted on 29th Nov 2013 @ 9:46 AM

Do you know what people use to help them when they need to gain the peaceful moment that without being tracked by the mobile phone tracking device or especially get rid of the noises at home and of in other places such as in the meeting room, in the classroom and so many other places that the desktop jammers are suitable to be used. And now as people’s always hold the opinion that use the least money to gain the best effect so that under this trend and to meet up with such kind of requirements you can just have a look at the 20 meters 3G jammer that are offered at www.jammerfromchina.com as you can gain this high quality 3G cell phone jammer with both high quality and best price.

Advanced Desktop 2G 3G Mobile Phone Signal Jammer with 20 Meter Rangeview product details

It is a common sense that the tabletop 3G cell phone jammer us really helpful and useful when being used in places such as the meeting room, at your home or in the office without taking it out. If you just want to cut off the 2G 3G mobile phone signals, and after you see this “Advanced Desktop 2G 3G Mobile Phone Signal Jammer with 20 Meter Range” here you will know that this is really a powerful cheap and perfect tabletop 3G cell phone jammer.

Thus this 2G 3G mobile phone signal jammer is designed with the aiming to cut off the signals of the CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G at the same tine and since it is designed with 6W high output power it owns up to 20 meters jamming radius based on the signal strength in the given area. And since using the AC power as the power supply and designed with high quality cooling system which enables this mobile phone signal jammer to work 24/7 continuously without stopping, so that it can help to achieve the ideal condition that a lot of people want to own.

Just using this 20 meters 3G jammer you will of course benefit a lot, for example you have no need to worry that you will be tracked by the mobile phone tracking device and know your condition when you are at home, besides you can also gain the good sleeping condition as well since you will not be woken up by the noises of the cell phone calls at night any more especially for the persons who have sleeping problems. Thus via using this 3G jammer you can also creating the perfect study condition for the children when they are in the classroom or in at home as well seen from another new point as they will not disturb by the noise and also pay more attention to the study and the teachers are teaching instead of pay the attention to their cell phones instead.

So if you are in need of such kind of 3G jammer, no need to hesitate now just go ahead and pick up the perfect 3G cell phone jammer here.