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Is there Any High Power Signal Jammer Suitable for Prison Using?

Posted on 23rd Oct 2013 @ 10:27 AM

Some people are looking for the portable signal jammer that are easy for them to take out when they have the need, some people are looking for the signal jammer with scores meters of jamming distance that suitable to be used in the classroom, at home, in the office and so many other fixed places and the jammer should power by the AC power. But is there any high power signal jammer suitable for prison using? Answer is of course yes.

Totally Integrated Broad Band Jamming System with 868W High Power

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Do you know that why now the prison using high power signal jammers now are being used? The main reason may because of that now almost everyone pay more attention to the safety field so that now in the special places such as the military and the prison the safety condition should be strictly pay attention to and now the high power jammer can be also regarded as the safety tool to help people and then just see the example of a prison jammer you will know that now there are high power signal jammers suitable for prison using.

This "Totally Integrated Broad Band Jamming System with 868W High Power" being introduced here is regarded as the example here and it is designed with powerful abilities and just see the following. What is powerful of this prison jammer is that this high power signal blocker can block the signals of Walky-talky ( VHF ), Walky-talky ( UHF), Cellular CDMA, Cellular GSM900, GPS & Satellite, Cellular HGSM1800/ DCS,Cellular GSM1900/ PCS, Cellular UMTS / WCDMA ( 3G ), and WLAN & Bluetooth & WiFi at the same time and usually depending on the signal strength in the given area, the jamming distance is up to hundreds of meters since it is designed with 868W high total output which is really amazed. Besides you can also see that why this multi-functional high power jammer is regarded as specially customized to accommodate a fully integrated broad band jamming system which provides the ultimate solution for Military and Police convoys or VIP protection. As only by turning on this device, the signal of walky-talky, cell phone, GPS, and WiFi can be block easily.

Just because of that this high power signal blocker owns such kind of powerful ability so that it can be used in the prison as we all know that the condition in the prison is really important and using the tools such as the mobile phones to send the messages out is not allowed. But if using only people to check and make sure that no one will take the mobile phones with them is almost impossible and in such condition turn to help from the prison jammer is the best choice as just using such kind of prison using high power signal jammer, the mobile phone signals an other kinds of signals can be easily blocked and soon the safety condition can also be ensure as well, so that the information will not be easy to give out.

More details of this and other types of prison using high power signal blockers can be gained at www.jammerfromchina.com, if you are in need, just go ahead and find the best one.