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20-30 meters WiFi jammer to meet long jamming distance require

Posted on 6th Oct 2013 @ 9:00 AM

Potable WiFi signal jammer are for convenient using such as you have the need to take it out and so on and usually the jamming distance of them are not so long. But what you should choose if you want to buy a WiFi signal blocker that own 20-30 meters jamming range, then it is suitable that you get the high power desktop 25 meters WiFi signal jammer that will soon be introduced then.

Powerful Desktop 4W WiFi2.4G WiFi5.8G Signal Jammer

The WiFi signal jammer has now can do a lot to help people now such as protect the security of the net and also protect people’s privacy somehow. And this 20-30 meters WiFi jammer that being introduce suitable for the people who are looking for the 25-30 meters WiFi signal jamming device. See the details of it with your own eyes then. Unlike many other WiFi blockers for sale in the market can only cut off the signals of the WiFi2.4G this 20-30 meters WiFi jammer can cut off WiFi2.4G and WiFi5.8G signals at the same time with up to 25 meters jamming distance depending on the signal strength in the given area.

Moreover with the desktop design, no doubt that this 20-30 meters Bluetooth jammer can support nonstop working and do you know why? This is all because of the high quality and the excellent cooling system that this high power desktop 25 meters WiFi signal jammer possesses. For place such as at home, in the office and so on the network should be protected and many other important situations, this high power desktop 25 meters WiFi signal blocker is of course suitable.

Gain one at the best price and find a reliable online shop to gain one? Do not hesitate to www.jammerfromchina.com and select the WiFi blocker to your heart’s content.