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4G (Wimax) 2620-2690MHz Mobile Phone Jammer Suitable For Court Using

Posted on 26th Sep 2013 @ 9:00 AM

The court is a really serious place and usually in such kind of place the mobile phones are not allowed to be used. But what kind of device can be used to achieve such kind of goal in order help people in the peaceful condition. And now with the invention of the mobile phone signal jammers and now the advanced 4G (WIMAX) 2620-2690MHz mobile phone jammer has been invented this problem can be solved easily.

3W Powerful Handheld 3G 4G All Frequency Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

We all know that as when a law case is under inquisition the totally quiet is required and people are required to make their mobile phones powered off or adjust the mode to the quiet condition. As if once someone’s mobile phone rings suddenly the full process of the case and people who attending the case will also be effected and then everything will be out of order. And usually to avoid such kind of condition the court will always take some measures to forbid such events, and then the 4G Wimax mobile phone jammer is a good device.

The 4G Wimax 2620-2690MHz phone jammer is consider as the useful device it is because that it is designed with the ability to block the signals of the mobile phones so that even when people forget to power off their mobile phones the 4G cell jammer can help to cut off the signal and ensure the total quiet condition for a case. And as now the 4G signals has been more and more widely used by people, so using the 4G (WIMAX) 2620-2690MHz mobile phone jammer is in need now and here you can take a glance at a jammer device that is suitable to be applied in places such as the court and the following is the details of the instance of the 4G Wimax 2620-2690MHz phone jammer.

This 4G cell phone signal jammer being introduced here can block both the 4G signals but also at the same time can cut off the signals of the CDMA, GSM, DCS, PCS and 3G at the same time, at this point this mobile phone signal jammer is really powerful. What can give you more surprise is that this cell phone signal jammer has applied the adjustable button, so that you can also control the jamming frequency bands and the jamming distance at your convenience. Thus since designed with 12W high output, the jamming distance of this 4G Wimax 2620-2690MHz cell phone signal jammer is up to 40 meters at most. Also no need for you to worry that this cell phone jammer device will produce high temperature when it is working as it is designed with high quality cooling system which can help the jammer device to stay in good working condition. Because of owning such kind of powerful characteristics this 4G Wimax 2620-2690MHz phone jammer can be used 24/7 continuously.

If you are looking for the suitable 4G jammer to be used in the court, then just come here and know more at jammerfromchina, soon you can get the 4G Wimax 2620-2690MHz mobile phone jammer easily.