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Buy 300-500 Meters Mobile Phone Jammer for Prison Military Using

Posted on 12th Sep 2013 @ 9:00 AM

Ever seen the mobile phone jammers that being designed especially to use in the important places as the military and the prison? In fact such kind of military prison using phone jammers now are widely used and have played important roles now, and just here reading this paper here you can know more the overall aspects of the prison military mobile phone jammer and gain the overall understanding as well at the meanwhile.

Wireless Software Controlled Mobile Phone Jammer with Waterproof Function

When you heard about the mobile phone jammer for prison military using what is the idea in your mind first? Some people think that such kind of cell phone signal jammer should be of high power so that to achieve the goal of long jamming range, some people think that this kind of prison military jammer should design with waterproof function so that it can be used outdoor, and also many other aspects people will also think such as whether the cell phone signal jammer is designed with good cooling system and so on. In fact for some types of mobile phone jammer for prison military using all the above factor should be taken into consideration and make it into fact. Have you ever seen a prison military mobile phone jammer that possesses such kind of functions? Then you will have the chance to see the high power mobile phone signal isolator that owns such kind of ability.

Just take a glance at this "Wireless Software Controlled Mobile Phone Jammer with Waterproof Function" you will understand the above merit of the prison military mobile phone jammers clearly. See the jamming distance of this cell phone signal blocker first you will know that it owns up to 500 meters jamming distance to block the signals of 3G, CDMA, GSM, DCS, and PCS at the same time which is really powerful. And besides it is also designed with the waterproof function that enables this 300-500 meters mobile phone jammer to be used outside even when it is rained outside, which is really a useful design and also make the operation easier. Besides unlike some mobile phone jammers designed with the directional antenna and can only cut off signal form one direction. This 300-500 meters mobile phone signal jammer has applied the Omni-directional antennas so that it can cut off the signals from all directions, and no need for you to worry it can only block part mobile phone signals.

And another advantage that you can’t ignore of the 500 meters cell phone signal jammer is that this jamming system can be controlled remotely with activation and deactivation of the system is carried out only by using a Wireless Control Unit by Computer since have applied the advanced technology. Thus this wireless software controlled mobile phone jammer possesses the alarming system design in case of equipment abnormal problem and people's sabotage then you can see how it works, the computer makes an alarming sound and e-mail notification to the administrator.

How powerful this mobile phone jammer for prison military using it is, want to buy one type and know more types and the details? Visiting www.jammerfromchina.com you can easily achieve your goal then.