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Select Ideal 10-15 Meters GPS Signal Blocker Here

Posted on 23rd Aug 2013 @ 9:00 AM

ow to divide the products depending on what view you are seen from such as for the clothes, the mobile phones and so on. For example you can divide your clothes via the colors, the seasons, the styles and so on. And how about the GPS signal isolators, any idea of how to divide them into different catalogs? Of course and just come here jammerfromchina you can see clearly hoe the GPS jammers are being divided here.

Golden Color Handheld Mobile Phone and GPSL1 Signal Jammer

Just as everything has its own method of being put into different catalogs and just because of this via the functions the jammers are also divided into different styles and here via this passage you will know more about the 10-15 meters GPS signal blockers here and also can gain a better understanding and the functions of the GPS scramblers here. Because of each GPS signal scrambler has its own jamming distance, in this way the GPS signal jammers can also be divided into different catalogs and what you will know more here is the GPS signal scramblers with 10-15 meters jamming radius.

Do you know why they are called 10-15 meters GPS signal blockers? Observe carefully people will soon know that the GPS signal blockers are divided in this way it is because of the their jamming distance is 10-15 meters so that they are in the 10-15 meters catalog, and once knowing the jamming distance for people who are looking for the 10-15 meters GPS signal blocker they can easily find it and make the right choice as they just need to click the “10-15 meters” then soon the GPS signal scramblers with 10-15 meters jamming radius with appear in front of them.

And then we can just have a look at the real example of GPS scrambler of which is under the “10-15 meters” catalog and then see the details of it. Here we can just take this “Golden Color Handheld Mobile Phone and GPSL1 Signal Jammer” as the instance, first we can look at the jamming distance of it soon we can see that depending on the signal strength in the given area the jamming distance of this GPS signal blocker is up to 15 meters. Besides this signal jammer is not only a portable GPS signal blocker but it is also a mobile phone jammer as it can cut off the signals of the GPSL1 and CDMA, GSM, DCS, PCS, 3G mobile signals at the same time. In this way you can benefit a lot once you own this perfect mobile phone and GPS signal isolator.

And this mobile phone and GPS signal jammer can also be used in the car when you use the car charger and connect it to the car directly and once using mobile phone and GPS isolator you will get rid a lot of trouble and both enjoy your life and work at the same time. Are you in need of one place to gain the high quality GPS scramblers with 10-15 meters jamming radius, here at jammerfromchina, you goal can be reached without difficulty.